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Our company is specialized to deliver thin shim strip with a very narrow tolerance of gauge. You can find more detailed information on our specifications page.

We cover the scope of gauge from 0.010 mm (0.0004 inch) up to 1.00 mm (0.04 inch).

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We supply several dimensions from stock in handy plastic boxes. These boxes protect METALL-FOLIE optimally for its use in a workshop or at field installation. You can pull the strip easily out of the large scaled plastic box. The small boxes used for METALL-FOLIE width 150 mm and thickness up to 0.250 mm can be sticked together with the clips.

pull out stick together

The small gaps of gauge between the offered strip enables you to adjust the needed hight exactely.

If your application needs the strip to lay down in a flat manner on the surface, we offer METALL-FOLIE in sheets of stainless steel.

box 50x300 mm

As an other option we supply METALL-FOLIE in an adhesive version. Here the material is furnished with agglutinant without a tape. The thickness of the agglutinant is 0.04 mm.

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The following items are available from stock.


mild steel
stainless steel in rolls
stainless steel in sheets
set of brass

If you need other dimensions or other materials, please ask for an quotation.

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